Kraft American

The Kraft plant was on lower Main Street
        near the river and the Minnesota
        Western rail line.
It had the highest brick smokestack in town,
        toppled by the tornado of ’51 and rebuilt
        of nonreflective metal tubing.
The manager of the Kraft plant lived on upper Main
        in a house with fancy awnings
        in the summertime.

I had a crush on his son when I was fifteen
        and he was a graduating senior.
I had a dream that he knocked up his previous girlfriend,
        a nursing student, daughter of a single mom,
        so the son of the plant manager
        didn’t have to marry her.
And it was true.

This is the way small town
American cheese is sliced.


If a train leaves Grand Central heading west at 6 am
and a train leaves Union Station heading east,
which train will you be on? Show all

If your window is 30 inches wide, 50 inches
long, and your yellow curtains are too short,
what do you see from the window? The mailman
passing or the back where the land slides
away from you? Subtract trees from sky.
Add rain.

If you weigh 150 lbs. but every pound you ever lost
is added to your weight, will the moon pull you
roughly over the rocks, leave you bleeding
among her other lovers?